The Collected Stories of Anton Chekhov Volume 1

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FB5617BE-5E5E-404C-A039-28B80CB31DF7 Translated from Russian by Ronald Bingley

The four-volume Folio Society edition of Chekhov stories is a thing of great beauty, and it was my intention to stretch the reading of them over the course of 2018, with one story between novels throughout the year.  There’s been a change of plan, based on my reading of the first volume, because in the course of just two stories, I became strangely addicted and decided to simply read it to the end!

I use the word strange because this happened despite me not caring particularly for the first story, TheSteppe, one of Chekhov’s acknowledged masterpieces.  More a novella than a short story, it documents the journey of a young boy across the Steppe as he is delivered to his new home and his new school.  It didn’t leave me with a good feeling for the child as he is left greeting…

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